Hartford Food System rocks!

Delicious The youth and adults at Hartford Food System are hard at work during this busiest time of the year. The Grow Hartford harvest is coming in strong and they are delivering Hartford-grown produce to their CSA members every week. The North End Farmer's Market is in full swing with beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables and they're getting lots of great (and appreciated) help from the community and local youth. They are also kicking off planning for the expansion of our urban agriculture to a new site on Main Street.

Everything's in bloom and it's delicious!

The Grow Hartford youth crew have been hard at work harvesting everything from garlic to squash at their three farm sites in Hartford. Each Thursday, they deliver pounds 
of fresh veggies to the lucky CSA members.  At the Parker Memorial Family Center, they're helping Hartford's youngsters learn about where fresh food comes from with a "Grow with Me" garden where they are producing ingredients to make a tasty, healthy pizza!

  Efforts continue on food policy that supports access to healthy food for all of Hartford's residents.  And, they continue work with Hartford's corner markets to help them and their customers create a healthier Hartford.

You have helped make possible these activities with your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing and the Hunger Program. Thanks to you and thanks to the folks in Hartford doing this amazing work!

Si se puede!