Fruits and Stew


Today is the last day of September and even here in droughty Northern California the temperatures, the length of the days and the unraked leaves covering the front lawn are all undeniable signs that our side of the planet is well-tilting away from the sun. This cosmic path we trace through the universe is, like much of the rest of my life, a bit wobbly. I suspect all of our lives are more than a bit wobbly however much we might desire a decent and good order but there it is. 

This morning’s reading (9/30) from the Daily Lectionary included two food references. Matthew 7:13-21 speaks of gates narrow and wide, false prophets in sheep’s clothing and fruits. Fruits are a key sign of goodness or not-goodness. Jesus is also very clear about what happens to trees that grow bad fruit – they are cut down and burned. This isn’t the warm and fuzzy Jesus, this is the Jesus who might just turn a bit hard-of-hearing when the Kingdom of God arrives. Take warning.