Food in a Pandemic: Curated Cream of the Crop

Will we have enough to eat?!

Great attention is being paid to our food and farm system given the fault lines laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are learning how much there is that needs changing! I have selected articles in the nine topics listed below and hope these are helpful as we envision more equitable and sustainable ways to structure this most essential area of life. I’ve chosen my favorite from each category, and the full compilation can be download here:  Food in a Pandemic.

1) Spring is Here and the Grassroots Solutions are Emerging

Farmers in Puerto Rico are Growing a Culture of Social Justice and Climate Resilience
By Jake Price, Civil Eats, 03.11.2020

2) Yes, the Systems Need Changing

Food Workers Platform – HEAL Food Alliance and Collaborators

3) A Sustainable and Just Way Forward

A Green New Deal for Agriculture
By Raj Patel and Jim Goodman, Jacobin Magazine, 04.04.2020

4) The People Who Enable Us to Live

Food Workers Have Always Been Essential—Give Them What Is Theirs
By Erik Hazard and Leila Mzali, Food First, 04.09.2020

5) Knowing What’s Wrong Helps Us Figure Out How to Change

The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Force Half A Billion People Into Poverty
By Kyla Mandel, Huffington Post, 04.09.2020

6) The Gap Between Food, Farms & Hungry Mouths

‘A disastrous situation’: mountains of food wasted as coronavirus scrambles supply chain
By Susie Gagle, The Guardian, 04.09.2020

7) Food Banks & Nutrition Programs

As Child Hunger Soars Across USA, National Poll Finds Nearly One in Four Parents Reducing Food for Children Press Release from Feeding America, 04.13.2020

8) International Dimensions

Agroecology Is Becoming A Global Movement. But Where Does the U.S. Fit In?
By Antonio Roman-Alcalá, Yes! Magazine, 05.07.2018

9) Understanding Money Matters

We can’t let this economic crisis go to waste
By Thomas M. Hanna and Carla Santos Skandier, Open Democracy, 03.16.2020

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