until all are fed

In cadences that bring the listener along, McFarland witnesses to hard issues that must be faced, but sings, in the midst of those hard issues, about healing, hope and finally about the divine “You.”

~ Walter Brueggemann, Old Testament scholar & author

If you haven't already, consider supporting "Until all are fed" which has been spirited along by, among others, musician and Hunger Action Advocate, Bryan McFarland. This is a nifty project of music and hymns that will go to benefit the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Here is what Bryan says about it:

Ending in May, musicians, pastors and other friends of the Presbyterian Hunger Program have launched a unique project of music and mission called "until all are fed." Individuals are invited to help fund the production of a CD of hymns & spirituals. 10% of the production costs and 20% of the profits go to the Presbyterian Hunger Program. The goal of the project is to raise awareness and funds with "music on a mission" that can make a difference until all are fed. The "…until all are fed" CD and subsequent hunger action events called "Jacob's Joins" are designed to equip congregations, presbyteries, campus ministries, etc. with hymns, songs and spirituals to SING the mission of the Presbyterian Hunger Program to "alleviate hunger and eliminate the causes of it."