Would you believe it? Corporate lobbying is blocking food reforms

Pig Oh, you aren't surprised?

Yes, it is true. One of, if not the most, consolidated industry on the planet – agribusiness – is lobbying against food and agricultural policies that would help impoverished people and nations.

Perhaps the stature and position of the speaker is what is noteworthy here. Dr. Samuel Jutzi is a Senior United Nations director of the animal production and health division of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization was paraphrased in this article from The Guardian —

"…powerful lobby groups were able to delay decisions, sometimes for
many years, and "water down" proposed improvements. Their job was made
easier because the FAO works by consensus, so persuading as few as two
or three national governments to oppose an idea was enough to block it.

Then this direct quote —

"I have now been 20 years in a multilateral organisation
which tries to develop guidance and codes for good agricultural
practice, but the real, true issues are not being addressed by the
political process because of the influence of lobbyists, of the true
powerful entities."

Joyce d'Silva, a director with Compassion in World Farming, confirmed this position adding that it was "horrifying" that —

"the narrow interests of
certain commercial sectors can have more influence than organisations
which represent the values and aspirations of millions of citizens."

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