good bye (for now)

So long for now.

I'm escaping from the current, overtly worldly stuff – like Zimbabwe, the war in Congo, the food and climate crises, the hub bub of another consumerized Christmas to recharge my spiritual batteries and see if I can lose my self to find Self. At least a bit, I hope.

I'll be silently celebrating advent in a one-room shack alongside a big pond, little lake. In the rain, it seems. And hopefully the beaver is still around. I'm taking along some food and some paper. Specifically,

  • a pad to draw on
  • a writing journal
  • 3 main books: Rudolf Steiner's How to Know Higher Worlds and Love & Its Meaning in the World, and Buhner's The Secret Teachings of Plants
  • 3 other books that I may or may not touch: Tolle's A New Earth, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and Andrew Harvey's Light Upon Light: Inspirations from Rumi
  • and a paddle to use with the beat up aluminum canoe

Oh, and maybe some binoculars. A fry pan and a pot to use on the electric burner.

And my bell.


Alexandra, Anitra, Holly out in SF and any
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