Against the Odds: Family Farm Economics in the 21st Century

Yes, that is Lisa Griffith in her grandfather's arms by the old church in Missouri. Fourth from the right.

Lisa Here is a close up.  

This photo, taken in 1957, illustrates the context of her family and the challenges they have faced as farmers in the heart of America. Lisa wrote this short piece for the Summer PHP Post. Download US Family Farms-Griffith & South Africa

Lisa starts out like this:  

"Our Missouri farm is quite small by most U.S. standards – 250 acres total, including only 50 acres flat enough to till easily. Several springs water the woodlands, and a creek forms one border of the fields while flowing toward the Mississippi. No livestock reside there today – the last cows were sold about 10 years ago – so the barn is used primarily for storage. My parents are less hardy now, so they hire a friend to plant some corn or soybeans and native grasses for wildlife cover."

I've also included a one-page "bonus" piece on South Africa called – Home/Land Security: A South African Community’s Struggle to Retain “God’s Gift”