A Decent and In Order Pantry


I was recently overcome with a need to organize the pantry in our kitchen. And by organize, I mean go out and buy a bunch of matching, attractive containers to store a range of staples.

The Official Reason was to try and control the brown flour moth infestation I’ve been struggling with off and on over the past few years. I call them brown flour moths – at least when I’m in a reasonable mood. I have other names for them but we need not repeat them here. Turns out there are about three different kinds, Indian, Mediterranean and plain old brown. They have three slightly different ways of doing the same thing: getting into flours, raisins, oats, nuts, etc, laying eggs which hatch larvae which eat the food and leave behind webbed clumps of stuff and then taking to flying around the kitchen again. Its more than startling to open a box or sack of something to discover their webbed presence. I’ve been known to scream.