Do fair food labels mean anything? Some do more than others.

Farmworker's arm and heading, "Agricultural Justice Project"

PHP supports two groups, which received the highest accolades for their effectiveness in supporting farm workers. One is the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and their Fair Food Program and the second is Agricultural Justice Project.

The CIW’s Fair Food Program launched in 2011 and was “one of the earlier food justice schemes to forge partnerships among farmers, farmworkers, and retail food companies to ensure humane working conditions and better wages via legally binding agreements.” (from A Food Label for Farmworkers)

chart of labels with descriptions highlighting their strong areasThe Fair Food Program impacts over 35,000 farmworkers and has put millions of dollars of fair food premiums into the hands of farmworkers and nearly ended sexual abuse in the fields.

The Agricultural Justice Project is the only other label that the Fair World Project’s 2016 Justice in the Field highly lauds.

“The Agricultural Justice Program’s (AJP) Food Justice Certified label ensures fair contracts for farmers, fair wages and working conditions for workers, and comprehensive environmental stewardship on the small- to mid-sized farms it certifies via third-party audits.” (A Food Label for Farmworkers

For a shallow dive into labels, read Sarah Ventiera’s ‘A Food Label for Farmworkers‘ article, and to dive deeper, check out Justice in the Field, which is full of charts, great photos, and important analysis.