Small Grants Program for PCUSA Churches Doing Community Food Initiatives

Presbyterians Joining the Just Food Revolution

bee on honey combThe Presbyterian Hunger Program is encouraged by the emergence of the many faith-based initiatives sprouting up around the country to bring resilience to our food system, and health to people and God’s Creation. These efforts often engage youth and multiple generations, result in greater food security, give people decision-making power over their food, increase healthy eating, create jobs and local economic growth, support local family farmers, use land ecologically, raise awareness about local and global hunger and poverty, and encourage a view of food as sacred and as a right for all people. When done well, such initiatives are wonderful ways to build relationships, community and power. We are eager to support this work as one small way we can help build God’s vision of a New Heaven and New Earth.

We encourage you to read about congregations that are developing innovative ways to practice their faith.

* Read about the First Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR and download a great list of resources

* Read Arianna’s blog post about how Goodness is Growing at the Heritage Presbyterian Church in Acworth, Georgia 

You can download the application form here:
 Faith-Based Initiatives to Transform the Food System

Grant Application Form

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