Hunger Program partner highlights labor rights for World Food Day

If agribusiness can form economic alliances up, down and across the food chain, why don’t food chain workers form alliances of solidarity and support?

Well, they have!

The Food Chain Workers Alliance is a coalition of worker-based organizations whose members plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve, and sell food, organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain. They came together just two years ago in July 2009 and PHP has been honored to be able to support their work through gifts to the One Great Hour of Sharing.

Along with the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, which FCWA is a part of, they are calling for action on World Food Day and during the Food Week of Action–and here is their Call:

World Food Day!

World Food Day happens on October 16. The US Food Sovereignty Alliance, of which the FCWA is a member, is joining with La Via Campesina and food sovereignty movements to call on people and organizations to fashion the food and farming future we need—a future of communities, regions and nations revitalized with local food, democracy, sustainability and justice.

Take Action on and around World Food Day!

October 10 – 17
October 10 ~ Food Week of Actions begins
October 12 ~ Dia de la Raza (Indigenous People’s Day)
October 15 ~ International Day of Rural Women
October 16 ~ World Food Day
October 17 ~ International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Let us know about things happening near you.

Fill out the short form!

Many people and groups are taking action on and around World Food Day. Find out what is happening where, and add your events and actions on the form on the Alliance website. Please go there and list what you are doing so people can join you!

Here are some event and actions happening that week!

1. Call the Senate about GIPSA to help save independent family farms.
2. Get your congregation to join the Food Week of Action promoted by the global Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance—October 10-17.
3.  Oppose the Colombia FTA and other pending trade deals with South Korea and Panama, all of which will bankrupt family farmers.
4. Join Millions Against MonsantoFind an action near you or initiate one!
5. Read and publicize the Youth Food Bill of Rights.
6. Support CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food against supermarkets that refuse to pay higher wages to farm workers.
7. Host a Food Justice Workshop to share food and information about taking back our local food systems (see Resources below).
8. Celebrate and organize community meals with local chefs, gardeners, farmers, and eaters to build community and dismantle racism and other forms of oppression. See box on Food and Faith Practices: Learn, Live, Lead.
9. Start rebuilding your local food economy so it works for low-income communities and everyone.
Download City Fresh’s Fresh Stop manual.
10. Right2Know March – March from NYC to Washington DC to demand labeling for GMO foods—October 1-16.
11. Sign the Dakar Appeal Against Land Grabs to stand in solidarity with victims of land grabbing who will be in Rome for the UN Committee on World Food Security meetings right around World Food Day.

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