Blurring the Line

lindsay popper and nathan“I had grown two things, a cup of grass seed in kindergarten and kohlrabi in third grade, before I moved to Florida to join Nathan Ballentine with his business of helping people grow their own food and share it,” says Lindsay Popper, a graduate of Warren Wilson College along with Nathan who is building relationships and building gardens all over Tallahassee!

Nathan is one of the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s 16 Food Justice Fellows. While most the Food Justice Fellows are digging in the dirt, I’m guessing Nathan’s hands are stained brown.

Nathan has been food gardening since eight when his mother set him on a garden as a Nathan with gardenershomeschooling project. He grew up in the PC(USA) and has been accused of being a “Presby-geek.” Currently, Nathan runs Tallahassee Food Gardens, his own business and social enterprise established “to encourage and assist folks to raise food for self and neighbor.”  They earn income by means of raised bed installs, planting fruit trees, and just recently, an affluent neighborhood has hired Nathan to facilitate their community garden development.  Having studied community organizing at Warren Wilson College, he spends 1-3 days a week supporting community gardens in neighborhoods, at food pantries, churches, and schools.

Read Lindsay’s story about Nathan and what’s growing in Tallahassee — “Academics, work and service: Blurring the Lines

Thanks to Warren Wilson College for permission to republish the article. It originally appeared in WWC’s excellent journal, Owl & Spade. The article can also be found online.