Food Justice for All Webinar Resources, including The Handbook

Resources from the Food Justice for All Webinar Series

Thank you to all those attending this months Food Justice for All Webinar Series. There is one more webinar that will focus on SNAP/food stamp outreach and Summer Food Service Programs.

  1. June 2 2:00-3:00pm (EDT) – Food Justice for All Webinar: SNAP outreach and Summer Feeding Programs


Below you can find resources, video, and answers to frequently asked questions from the Webinar series.

If your congregation or community group would like support in starting a food security or anti-hunger project, please feel free to call us at 502.569.5553, or write us at

The first Food Justice for All Webinar was recorded and can be found here. It is 67MB and can be viewed with Windows Media Player (WMP can also be downloaded onto a Mac).

Presentations in the Food Justice for All Webinars:

Download Presbyterian Hunger Program – Community Garden Presentation – public

Download Let’s Move Community Garden Guide

Download Let’s Move Community Garden Guide (SPANISH)

Download Food Justice Webinar – akb intro_small-minus photos

Download USDA Gleaning Toolkit

Download Faith and Farm Partnerships Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

Find Answers to Frequently Asked Questions here!

Partners and More Resources:

Cover-small1) The updated Food Sovereignty for All Handbook: Overhauling the Food System with Faith-Based Initiatives is available free of charge! Download PDF of Food Sovereignty for All Handbook

Thanks to the Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon for their work writing and publishing this valuable guide. This is a slightly updated version.

2) See also the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships website for their helpful tools to start community gardens, summer feeding programs, and Food Stamp outreach projects.

3) Make a commitment to end hunger, obesity, and food insecurity by becoming a “Lets Move” congregation today!