Haiti and your favorite comfort foods

*** This was to go up yesterday, until Tuesday’s earthquake devastated Haiti. Rather than cancel the post, I’m posting it with this suggestion… Think about the comfort food you love, the things you love to do, the people in your life whom you love – really generate in your heart an intense feeling of love – and send that to the people of Haiti and to the souls who have so suddenly been separated from their bodies. Please don’t read any further; take a minute or two to pray in this way. ***

injera with food

If you lived in Somalia, you’d probably reach for injera bread and subag butter. As for North American Hunger Program facebook fans, here are their choices!

Joshua Goodnight
chicken and dumplings

Tricia Tedrow
Chicken curry

Teri Peterson
mashed potatoes and green bean casserole.

Rebecca Kiser
ice cream

Cindy Shepherd
popcorn. lots of it.

Banu Moore
dumplings of any kind

Kris Engdahl
I’m with Cindy – popcorn. lots of it. (I thought I said this before, but it seems to be gone…)

Helen Brown
Avocado- really, I can eat it for breakfast.

Bryan McFarland Cheese-grits-m
Cheese grits

Dana Strouse Edwards
Chocolate, preferably dark with nuts.

Ruth Huizenga Everhart
I was going to say grits! I’m eating a bowl right now.

Starr Luteri-Hicks
Gnocci, with a meaty tomato sauce and lots of Romano.

Beth Watkins
Pot roast. no question.

Lindsay K. Ray
cheese grits

Kris Engdahl

Anitra Kitts
Risotto & grilled cheese sandwich w tomato soup & fritos

Mark Sandlin
ice cream

Kara Root
garlic mashed potatoes.

Joshua Goodnight
broiled pork chops coated in corn meal and lemon pepper

Jeanie Cullip
mashed potatoes or velveeta shells and cheese

Jomarie Thomson
bologna on white bread with mayo

Presbyterian Hunger Program (akb)
Cassava. Boiled until it is soft and moist. Or fried, and then top it with ‘mojo’ –

1/2 cup chopped parsley;
# 1 teaspoon chopped garlic;
# 1 tablespoon lime juice;
# 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Robin Blakeman
pumpkin… usually baked into bread, but sometimes in other forms. I usually end up cooking one or two whole pumpkins per winter, storing the squished squash in the fridge or freezer, and using for baking as the opportunity arises.

Presbyterian Hunger Program
Squish squash i was bakin a pie. Long about a Saturday night…

Sue Ellen Hall
Boring, but a bowl of oatmeal with raisins or a bowl of cream of wheat with butter and brown sugar…

Diane Dodge
Oh c’mon, folks…mac’n cheez

And from the Twitter Realm:

Carol Howard Merritt weighs in with –
Cheese grits or chicken and dumplings

Ryan Kemp-Pappan
Chili dogs (Skyline’s in particular)