People declare what?

PlenaryFAO What happens when

— the numbers of hungry people has surpassed the one billion mark, and when

— 642 persons gather from 93 countries representing 450 organizations of peasant and family farmers, small-scale fisher folk, pastoralists, indigenous peoples, youth, women, the urban people, agricultural workers, local and international NGOs, faith groups and other social actors, and hold a parallel gathering to the United Nations World Food Security Summit in Rome in November, 2009?

They declare that food sovereignty is the real solution to the tragedy of hunger in our world.

The declaration calls for:

  • The participation of women, small-scale farmers, Indigenous Peoples, artisanal fisherfolk, food workers, youth, the urban poor, environmental organizations, human rights defenders, NGOs working for the realization of the right to food and food sovereignty and to ensure that their voices are heard when making agricultural, trade and development assistance policies.
  • The commitment of governments and U.N. agencies to the eradication of hunger and malnutrition, the realization of the right to food and the people’s food sovereignty agenda.

Read the inspiring People’s Declaration which can be found in English, Spanish and French – or downloaded directly in English here.