living her faith by fasting

Tricia Fischer and Carol Frame Matthews are members of Covenant Community Church’s
Just Food and Faith intentional community. Tricia was interviewed by PC(USA)’s Emily Odom and here are a couple excerpts from the Presbyterian News Service article.

Tricia Fischer is no stranger to the global
marketplace.  As a supervisor for the United Parcel Service with
responsibility for its international gateways, she thinks and acts
globally every day.

Thus already
more attuned than most to the world’s intimately interconnected nature,
Fischer turned both a personal and an advocate’s eye to world hunger
issues, questioning how her own actions involving food were affecting
her neighbors, locally and globally.

Tricia, who is participating in the church-wide fast on the global food crisis, also talked about one of the insights gained.

“One of the critical things the group helped me to identify was the
nature of human desire,” she said.  “Just because so many of us can
have what we want doesn’t mean that we should have it.  Having what we
want isn’t necessarily what’s best for the world.”

Read the story by Emily Odom