why go GMO?

Take Roundup Ready corn or soybeans, which make their way into more than half the food items on supermarket shelves. Why would we want to eat them?

One reason the largest supplier of patented, genetically modified seeds, Monsanto, can give you is that with GMOs, you can apply more Roundup Ready herbicide to the crops.

sells Roundup Ready? Yup. Monsanto.

They probably have other reasons on their website. But here are a couple possible reasons why Christians and people everywhere should be demanding labels on GMO foods and be asking for precautionary measures.

1. Genetically modified seeds may produce less food. See the study by Kansas State University on Roundup Ready Soybeans for example.

2. Austrian scientists find transgenic maize cause lower fertility. See the recent article from Taiwan on this.

3. The direct and indirect environmental effects are numerous. See the Union of Concerned Scientist’s excellent website.

4. Some Christians consider genetic engineering something to be left up to God.

See the Faith-Based Conceptual Framework on Genetic Engineering to help you sort through the various considerations.

And have a great weekend. I’m off to an assembly of the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance in Rome. I may come back with some food stories to tell. Be well.