doesn’t look like bread yet

WheatseedJulian seems a bit dubious about the three pounds of Winter Wheat I handed him for this “candid” shot. By the way, we’ve been loving those smooze! fruit ices you see in his hand. The one Julian has is guava and coconut milk. They are amazing!

The wheat? As soon as rain seems imminent, I’ll sow the seed where the weeds had taken over. Some of you know that my son and I signed a deal wherein I would not embarrass him with vegetables in the front yard, and he agreed to a number of actions atypical for a teenager, like going with us on family activities without anguished complaint. It has had mixed results.

Don’t misinterpret this photo, Julian and Elias are digging up the yard – not because dad asked them to – but only because I agreed we would go out to eat if we finish tilling the yard. It was 93 and very humid, so they got a good taste for hard work and a transformed material world.

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