Farm Bill Votes This Week: Call Now!

You are ready.

You’ve done this before.

Do it one more time. Do it today.

The Farm Bill is back on the Senate floor. Votes are expected throughout the week.

A major priority for this bill remains passage of the Dorgan-Grassley payment limits amendment. Other priorities include a strengthened livestock/competition title, stronger conservation measures, and fixing funding problems regarding food stamps in the nutrition title.

Go to and urge your Senators to vote YES on the Dorgan-Grassley Amendment.

Wait, you’re not done! Go to and urge your Senators to combat hunger in the U.S. and around the world by protecting a pilot program for international food aid to be purchased locally *and* by voting YES on the Brown-Sununu amendment to reform crop insurance programs to bring the insurance companies’ underwriting gains more into line with other types of insurance. No farmers would see any change in their premium costs or coverage. Savings would be reinvested in vital nutrition and conservation programs.

Keep checking your email and coming back to, we plan another alert as the debate shifts to other titles and issues in this $286 billion piece of legislation.


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