Farmer’s Markets Pushing Farmers Out?

SF Gate – which is the San Francisco Chronicles’ web site – has an article on farmers quitting the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. Too many folks selling the same stuff plus the distance and energy it takes to get the product from the farm to the market seem to be along the reasons why folks are opting out. Plus its national fame seems to have tourists pushing out locals.

While the issue seems more connected to the Ferry Building Farmer Market, it suggests that farmers may be seriously reconsidering the value of coming into an urban center to sell at a market. Urban shoppers, including and especially those in low grocery service areas, lose access to good food.

Is this a case where the market is correcting itself, rewarding the economically efficient or should we be concerned and consider intervention?

What do you think? What is going on at your local farmer market? Is this a fair way for farmers and shoppers to get the food from the farm to our kitchens? Or is there something else going on?