What to do with all those tomatoes

Tomatoesgalore_5 The Senate may not vote on the Farm Bill until September, but meanwhile – if your kitchen looks like mine – the tomatoes are taking over! Or, if not, you could soon have this blessed problem by inquiring about a neighbor’s tomatoes or buying a bushel at a farm market.

After a couple trips to my garden (there are a few volunteer Riesentraube tomato plants in front, and some heavy producers out back – Wickline Cherries, Amish Paste and Glacier), the kitchen counter becomes completely overwhelmed.

So, what to do with all those tomatoes?

You can can them, cook them down and freeze or can them, or – by far the simplest thing to do if you are too rushed for the above:

  • Place them onto a cookie sheet
  • Put them in the freezer
  • When they are hard as rock, toss them into a plastic bag (make sure there are no holes)
  • Or use them to practice your golf stroke

Seriously, just put the bag back in the freezer for future juicing, soups, sauces and canning if you wish. And give thanks for God’s abundant Creation.

P.S. I order heirloom seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange in Mineral, Virginia partly because the climate is similar to ours in Louisville.


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