You Act Out What You Eat

KidYou probably know much of the next two paragraphs, but the link between food and, say, classroom behavior is less well-known. Check out the bolded paragraph below and read more from Ode Magazine, which has just updated their website – in my opinion, one of the best magazines around!

“Billions of dollars are spent every year on advertising for junk food, sickly sweet soft drinks and presents hidden in happy meals. It was only ten years ago in the United States that the first advertising poster for McDonald’s was hung up in a school building. Now the industry supplies its products to school lunchrooms, its soft drink machines are scattered throughout school buildings and it sponsors lesson programmes – a trend that has since blown across to the other side of the Atlantic.

Thanks in part to those publicity stunts, 800 million people worldwide are struggling with obesity, just as many as go hungry every day. Fast food mainly consists of fat, sugar and salt, ingredients that deliver quick energy. But to digest and absorb these refined products we need minerals and vitamins that their ingredients no longer contain. The result is that our body is forced to tap into its reserves, robbing us of calcium, magnesium and B vitamins, for example. In other words, fast food does not feed our bodies but does just the opposite, zapping our energy.

Scientists have even discovered that poor nutrition can be an important cause of anti-social behaviour such as aggression, teasing and theft. Studies in American and British prisons revealed that a daily vitamin and mineral supplement significantly improved behaviour. Both studies revealed that only those delinquents that had poor dietary habits before imprisonment benefited from this approach. According to researcher Bernard Gesch, vitamins and minerals are a ‘recipe for peace’.”

Read the article from Ode Magazine

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