Does local food cost more?

Abaz_farmfamily_2 People often say farmers market food is too expensive. The authors of Eat Local Challenge are intent on debunding this myth with their Penny-Wise Eat Local Challenge, launched last week. The challenge is to eat on a budget based on Dept. of Labor statistics for average family expenditures on food. ($68/week for a one-person household, $121/week for a two-person, one wage earner household) This week they posted FAQs about the challenge.

We’ll check back to see how it goes and you may want to yourself. And you can actually take the challenge by going to Eat Well Guide to find local farms and other vendors of local, sustainably-raised meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy near you! Local Harvest can help with the fruits and vegetables. Small farms often offer products that are much more affordable than buying organic and local at the supermarket and it is great to directly support family farmers.

This link of the Eat Local Challenge has all you need to know.

On a similar topic, Bill McKibben asks How Many Miles On That Food? (and how many smiles) on Progressive Christians Uniting, a fascinating new blog.

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