Where do you buy food?

And does it matter?

Foodcontinuum_3 Maybe you get your food from more than one source?

Millions go straight to Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world. Wal-Mart gets a lot of flack, but if we could make it greener, more just…

In Facing Goliath: Challenging the Impacts of Supermarket Consolidation on our Local Economies, Communities, and Food Security Katey Mamen, fellow at the Oakland Institute, analyzes the growing power of food retailers, though she does recognize the opportunity to build a better future:

“Given the rate at which food retail consolidation is happening, as well as its considerable implications for economic and social justice, an understanding of food system dynamics through the lens of food retail is critical. To support sustainable food systems, an understanding of the direct and indirect public supports that favor the top retailers and alternative retail and supply chain initiatives that lead to systemic change are also urgently needed.

The food system remains a highly dynamic and evolving sector of the economy. There is great potential for influencing the direction of change and pinpointing leverage points in the system that will lead to transformation. The identity of the United States economy is still largely predicated on successful small business, innovation, and hard work, values that are encapsulated in the American Dream. These principles are threatened by the extreme concentration of power and market share in the hands of a select few. A healthy future for communities across the country depends on strong local food economies that are diverse, equitable, and sustainable.”

Sprawl2_3 The AFL-CIO is more critical of Wal-Mart in “Paying the Price at Wal-Mart

Tom Paine is more measured in “Wal-Mart’s Green Makeover” and says we should lay down our swords for a round of applause for Wal-Mart… but only for a moment.

The Presbyterian Hunger Program challenges myths about Wal-Mart in “Wal-Marting our Communities, Countries and Our Souls

But we’ll let Wal-Mart have the last word.

* So…where do you shop for food?  And why?