PHP’s 2022 Impact Report

There is an African proverb that says: “When you pray, move your feet.” For the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP), this
is very much our philosophy. We must combine prayer with action to accomplish our mission to alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes.

We understand hunger as an extremely complex phenomenon with economic, political, environmental and other social implications. As we go about this work, we know God is calling us to a deeper level of understanding and response to the “root causes” that keep people in cycles of hunger and poverty.

In the Matthew 25 Scripture we’re reminded to look on those around us as Christ, and the Presbyterian Mission Agency is calling us to join the Matthew 25 movement through dismantling structural racism, eradicating  systemic poverty, building congregational vitality, and addressing climate change, militarism and gender justice.

We approach this by looking to our partners — who directly experience the pain and injustices of these systems — for their perspectives and solutions. Download the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s new Impact Report (and our newsletter, The PHP Post) and learn how your gifts to PHP made a difference in 2022!

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