Inflation Reduction Act and caring for God’s creation

Presenters at the 2019 American Climate Leadership Summit spoke of breakthroughs in the science, study and advocacy of climate change.

You may have followed and advocated for the passage of the massive $750 billion Inflation Reduction Act related to health care, taxes and climate. The Office of Public Witness of the PC(USA) issued an action alert to help Presbyterians contact their elected representatives to encourage a yes vote on the IRA. Many consider this the most important climate legislation that has ever been passed in the U.S. It is far from perfect. It ended up including some disappointing compromises. Yet it truly is an incredible piece of legislation. It should help us to curb climate change, cut our emissions and otherwise better care for God’s creation.

We have compiled a few things to help you read perspectives on the IRA as we settle into what it may mean for us:

  1. Our partners at ecoAmerica have shared this piece on the IRA:
  2. Our partners at National Family Farm Coalition have shared this racial justice perspective, about the cutting of originally proposed funding for underserved farmers and small farms: 
  3. Presbyterians for Earth Care hosted an online event on the IRA and you can read more about it here, and click through to watch a recording of that event:

Landmark legislation will aid not only stretched budgets but Planet Earth, too


As we move forward, consider whether getting out the vote for mid-term elections may be something you can do. Particularly with community members who care about God’s creation, there is an action guide, social toolkit and more here:

Also, next year as the Farm Bill is discussed, we will want to watch that the agroecology, climate, and conservation provisions aren’t weakened just because these things may have received some financial assistance this year from the IRA. Hunger, poverty, healthcare, climate change, racial justice and so much more are all linked. We want to act and advocate so that all God’s creation and all in it may thrive.



The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.

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