Cop26: Gender Justice Critical for Climate Action

Worship Leaders Procession

A procession of Christians from a variety of traditions and different parts of the world approaches Glasgow Cathedral for an ecumenical prayer service on the occasion of #COP26. Among them Iemaima Vaai from Samoa, representing the Pacific Conference of Churches. Indigenous women are key climate defenders who possess invaluable knowledge and expertise for climate change responses. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert

Tuesday’s  COP26 theme turns the attention toward gender. Topics today will address not only the ways in which women, girls and marginalized people are disproportionately impacted by climate change, but also the importance of their leadership and participation in driving solutions. By working collaboratively, governments, civil society, and businesses can advance gender equality in climate action and finance,  and deliver the goals of the Paris Agreement.

If you are interested in learning more about gender justice issues consider viewing one of the sessions below:

Not without us! – Pathways to a gender just transition: This session will debate the interlinkages between gender justice and just transition. How do lived experiences differ for women when it comes to the impacts of the climate crises and how do they deal with it? How can the coping mechanism developed by women in different sectors influence the just transition debates? Are current just transition debates taking into account care work and gender segregation in the labor market? And what would a gender just transition look like?

Earth observation-based innovation by and for Indigenous women for climate change adaptation: Indigenous women are key climate defenders who possess invaluable knowledge and expertise for climate change responses, yet they are the most affected by climate change. Earth observation (EO) data and tools co-designed by and/or with Indigenous communities, are enabling Indigenous women and youth to integrate their Indigenous knowledge with climate change adaptation plans.

Full list of available Green Zone sessions.

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