Virtual Sunday School Offering

GA Carbon Pricing

General Assembly 2018 Environment Committee considers the Carbon Pricing overture that was passed by the whole General Assembly.

Presbyterians 4 Carbon Dividends and CCL’s Presbyterian Action Team are hosting a Virtual Sunday School on June 7th at 4ET / 1PT.

This Virtual Sunday School* has been shared and well received with churches and PC(USA) organizations around the country.

It covers:

  • PC(USA) history on climate change action (going back 2 decades, with carbon pricing support over 10 years ago)
  • A little on climate science, economics, and political science
  • The Carbon pricing solution approved by a vote of over 80% at our last General Assembly
  • The status of HR 763 (Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act) in Congress and
  • Recent PC(USA) actions and the work of Presbyterians 4 Carbon Dividends.

The presentation of about 45 minutes will be followed by as much discussion as needed.  For Zoom details please contact

*If you are unable to attend this meeting a recording of a previous  49 minute Virtual Sunday School presentation given to University Presbyterian Church in Chapel Hill is available at Bray Presentation UPC, Chapel Hill, NC

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