Climate Change and Disaster: Chilling Impacts of a Warming World

Steady increases in temperatures have already dramatically changed our seasonal weather patterns — including more severe droughts, storms, floods, and heat waves. This has consequences on our lives and livelihoods — and it’s caused by climate change. These intensified floods, droughts, hurricanes and fires impact all of us but they disproportionately affect populations already made vulnerable by poverty and hunger.

Watch our pre-recorded presentation:

Hear from:

1) Valery Nodem, Presbyterian Hunger Program, on why PHP is concerned with Climate Change: 0:00-13:03

2) Neddy Astudillo, GreenFaith, on our call as people of faith to address Climate Change: 13:08-25:19

3) Ani Fete Crews, Blessed Tomorrow, on the impacts of Climate Change and how those impacts effect our ministries: 25:22-36:03; as well as solutions for people of faith: 1:07:55-1:26:04. See Ani’s presentation here.

4) Edwin Gonzalez-Castillo, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, on his experience in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria: 36:12=54:34

5) Mohamed Ahmed Adan, Kaalmo Relief and Development, on his experience of drought in Somalia: 54: 47-1:07:47

The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing.

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