Carbon Neutrality

Disasters (storm, flood, and drought) have devastating effects in Haiti… women, children, and the elderly, are really very vulnerable. The signs of climate change, such as temperature rises and atypical rainfall, are obvious and have devastating effects on agriculture… without adequate action, climate change tends to aggravate the damage caused by disasters and to increase poverty, which is already at a very high level.

-FONDAMA Report 2018

In 2006 the General Assembly passed policy that strongly urges all Presbyterians to immediately make a bold witness by aspiring to live carbon neutral lives. (See the Guide to Going Carbon Neutral) Carbon neutrality requires our energy consumption that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere be reduced and carbon offsets purchased to compensate for those carbon emissions that could not be eliminated.

In this policy, Presbyterians are called to take the results of our energy consumption seriously, to pray asking for God’s forgiveness and guidance, to reduce energy consumption, and to calculate carbon emissions and offset their negative impact.

We know that we need to make outward changes together in community AND we need structural change, global political will, and massive adaptation/mitigation/funding for climate solutions. As we follow this policy, we can help make this earth a safer place for our children and grandchildren.

86% of Presbyterians say that we need to take action now to reduce the pollution that is causing climate change.

Decarbonize your life graphic

 Decrease Carbon Emissions By:

  • Eating a (more) plant-based diet
  • Avoiding air travel
  • Living car-free

 It is the consensus of the scientific community that human activity is rapidly changing the natural environment in measurable ways through the destructive effects of climate change, commonly called global warming. Global climate change is predominantly caused by our burning of fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas, which emit greenhouse gases. Americans are champion energy consumers, using 40 percent of the world’s oil and emitting 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases, even though we are less then 5 percent of the world’s population. We have the knowledge, skills, and resources to reduce our energy consumption and switch to alternative energy sources that are less harmful to the environment. Prompt action and leadership by individuals, organizations, communities, states, and countries can keep global climate change from becoming much worse.

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