Ambition • Restoration • Justice

Stage with presenter

ecoAmerica President Bob Perkowitz welcomes attendees to the 2019 American Climate Leadership Summit by reminding participants why addressing climate change matters!

The realities of climate change are being felt intensely in communities across the country, and the 2020 elections are poised to determine our fate. Advocacy is increasing, but opposition remains formidable. How can we make climate a winning issue in 2020, and make certain our leaders implement policies that ensure a healthy, just and prosperous future?

Presenters at the 2019 ACLS spoke of breakthroughs in the science, steady and advocacy of climate change

Join  the 9th annual American Climate Leadership Summit (ACLS 2020) — AMBITION • RESTORATION • JUSTICE on March 25-26 in Washington, DC. It’s the nation’s largest and most diverse gathering of leaders dedicated to broadening and catalyzing action and advocacy for climate solutions. Learn strategies and ideas to help transform climate action into a true national priority. We will offer inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking information, immersive conversations, and collaborative sessions on accelerating efforts to restore our climate, raise ambition, convert our challenges into opportunities, and ensure that our pathways forward are centered on justice and equity.

ecoAmerica is pleased to offer a 35% discount to all program partner members on the Summit Two Day Pass only. To receive this discount, you will be asked to verify your affiliation during registration. So make sure you note you are Presbyterian! This event will be a good lead up the Ecumenical Advocacy days which happen  a month later in April.

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