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Written by Courtney Forbes

A team of Presbyterians affiliated with Citizens Climate Lobby have drafted a letter to Presbyterian Members of Congress. The epistle draws attention to the support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763) by the PC (USA). You may read the generic document here. The letter is a living document that continues to draw signatures from members of our church. If you would like to sign, please submit your name, the name of your local church, your role in your congregation (e.g., member, Ruling Elder, Pastor) and your congressional district to Courtney Forbes at 2widdershins“at”gmail”dot”com. The next edition of the letter will be shared in early June with Congressional offices so sign up now to show your support for this important legislation.

Email version, 5/22/2019 Draft: Letter to Presbyterian members of Congress


Dear Member of Congress:

We are writing to you as a fellow Presbyterian. As you and your colleagues in Congress consider various approaches and policies to deal with climate change we want to make sure you are aware of actions which our Church is advocating.

After considering various alternatives at the PCUSA General Assembly in June of 2018, commissioners decided that the most effective way to address climate change, and bear witness as stewards of God’s creation, is to prepare its members and judicatories to become advocates for a policy approach called Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD). This approach meets four important criteria. It quickly reduces greenhouse gas emissions; facilitates an economically just, compassionate, and orderly transition away from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy; provides the base for a truly global solution; and garners bipartisan support.

The Presbyterian Office of Public Witness has further enunciated support using these words: “The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) applauds this bipartisan effort and its co-sponsors. Now, more than ever, this nation needs lawmakers who will put aside partisan politics in order to find solutions to shared problems. Further, the PC(USA) supports passage and swift enactment of EICDA (Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act –HR 763). It is an important bill that will move us toward fulfilling our moral mandate.”

Since the General Assembly adopted this approach, support for this policy has mushroomed. The national body of the U.S. Episcopal Church voted to support CFD. Canada announced it will institute CFD nation-wide. Major newspapers have added their endorsements. Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, released a statement that “welcomed the [Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act] as an important step forward in addressing climate change”.

In January 2019, Representative Ted Deutch, along with six original cosponsors (see Table of Sponsors below) introduced legislation for a national climate policy with CFD at its center. They have since been joined by an additional 20 co-sponsors (see Table of Sponsors below) with more anticipated. This bill, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763), now provides a bipartisan way forward.

The proposed legislation will reduce U.S. emissions at least 40% within 12 years; provides economic justice for low income families by putting money in peoples’ pockets to cope with increased energy costs; adds 2.1 million additional jobs over the next ten years; and establishes a carbon border adjustment that is fair to U.S. businesses while motivating our trading partners to join us in a truly global solution. Climate change impacts the poor and marginalized first. EICDA will address the core driver of climate change fairly and effectively.

A companion bill in the Senate which was introduced late last year is expected to be reintroduced in 2019. Bills in both the House and in the Senate are expected to garner many more Republican and Democrat co-sponsors. We ask that you find a partner across the aisle and jointly sponsor this important legislation.

Recent climate reports (IPCC and U.S. National Climate Assessment) warn that the impacts of climate change are worse than previously predicted and that we are running out of time to take the massive actions which are required to reduce greenhouse emissions. Following our General Assembly’s action all Presbyterians should now be advocating for this promising legislation. You are in a unique position to lead our nation and world from fossil fuels to a future with a clean energy economy. Your faithfulness to our Church’s witness on this most urgent of concerns has the power to literally avert the worst of climate change.

A hard copy of this letter has been mailed to your office. If we may provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Bill Bray, GA Overture Advocate 08-12, Ruling Elder, The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas,, 832-702-6227

Ron Spross, GA Overture Advocate 08-12, Ruling Elder, Atascocita Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas,

Tomi Evans, GA Overture Advocate 08-09, Ruling Elder, Cherokee Park United Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota,

See 1) Table of Congressional Sponsors and 2) Table of Additional Signatories below


Name State District Party
Ted Deutch FL 22 Dem original sponsor
Judy Chu CA 27 Dem original cosponsor
Charlie Crist FL 13 Dem original cosponsor
Anna Eschoo CA 18 Dem original cosponsor
Dan Lipinski IL 3 Dem original cosponsor
Francis Rooney FL 19 Rep original cosponsor
Scott Peters CA 52 Dem original cosponsor
Dean Phillips MN 3 Dem cosponsor
Hank Johnson GA 4 Dem cosponsor
Salud Carbajal CA 24 Dem cosponsor
Alcee Hastings FL 20 Dem cosponsor
Susan Wild PA 7 Dem cosponsor
Yvette Clarke NY 9 Dem cosponsor
Jackie Speier CA 14 Dem cosponsor
Jan Schakowsky IL 9 Dem cosponsor
Gerald Connolly VA 11 Dem cosponsor
Chellie Pingree ME 1 Dem cosponsor
Mark DeSaulnier CA 11 Dem cosponsor
Adam Schiff CA 28 Dem cosponsor
Angie Craig MN 2 Dem cosponsor
Tom Malinowski NJ 7 Dem cosponsor
Albio Sires NJ 8 Dem cosponsor
Harley Rouda CA 48 Dem cosponsor
Jim McGovern MA 2 Dem cosponsor
Barbara Lee CA 13 Dem cosponsor
Gil Cisneros CA 39 Dem cosponsor
Mike Levin CA 49 Dem cosponsor
Pete Aguilar CA 31 Dem cosponsor
Denny Heck WA 10 Dem cosponsor
Katie Porter CA 45 Dem cosponsor
Robin Kelly IL 2 Dem cosponsor
Al Lawson FL 5 Dem cosponsor
Jim Himes CT 4 Dem cosponsor
Andy Levin MI 9 Dem cosponsor
Ted Lieu CA 33 Dem cosponsor
Seth Moulton MA 6 Dem cosponsor
Jamie Raskin MD 8 Dem cosponsor
Veronica Escobar TX 16 Dem cosponsor




Name Position Church State District
Bill Bray Ruling Elder The Woodland Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Ron Spross Ruling Elder Atascocita Presbyterian Church Houston TX
Tomi Evans Ruling Elder Cherokee Park United Church Minneapolis MN
Rev Robert Taylor Pastor, Retired Newport Beach CA
Courtney Forbes Ruling Elder First Presbyterian Church Hammond LA 1
Steven Gillard Ruling Elder Trinity Presbyterian Church Arlington VA
Rev Jimmy Shelbourn Pastor Westminster Presbyterian Church Lincoln NE
Edward V. George Ruling Elder Covenant Presbyterian Church Lubbock TX
Scott Gruhn Deacon First Presbyterian Church Anchorage AK 1
Todd Duncan Ruling Elder Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX
Perry Recker Ruling Elder Eastminster Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh PA 18
Mark Tabbert St Mark Presbyterian Church Newport Beach CA 48
Sheree Fleming Ruling Elder Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Jeff Fleming Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Sylvia Campbell Ruling Elder Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Tina Davies Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Dave Davies Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
David Hitchcock Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Katherine Bray Deacon Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Rev Elizabeth Broschart Pastor First Presbyterian Church Boyne City MI 37
Rev Deborah Meinke Pastor Cimarron Presbytery Stillwater OK 3
Richard Langford Ruling Elder University Presbyterian Church El Paso TX 16
John Hartman Ruling Elder St Philip Presbyterian Church Houston TX 2
David Castro Ruling Elder Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Nancy Castro Ruling Elder Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Rev Dr David Jones Pastor Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Bob Ferderer Member Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Sarah Ferderer Member Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church Houston TX 8
Rev Dr Sam McGregor Pastor Allison Creek Presbyterian Church Rock Hill SC 5
Rev Dr Dave Wasserman Pastor, Retired Presbytery of Santa Fe Santa Fe NM 3
Curtis Wells Ruling Elder St Andrew Presbyterian Church Denton TX
Rev Abby Mohaupt Pastor San Francisco Presbytery San Francisco CA
George James Ruling Elder Webster Presbyterian Church Webster TX 14
Rev Barry Chance Pastor First Presbyterian Church Hammond LA






5 Responses to “Add your name to support carbon pricing!”

  1. James Moiso

    If we don’t care for God’s good earth, nothing else will matter.

  2. Rick Johnson

    Climate crisis is too important for partisan politics any longer.

  3. Courtney Forbes

    Any member of Presbyterian Church USA wishing to add their signature to this document can email me, Courtney Forbes, at 2widdershins “at”

    • Rebecca Barnes

      Hey Mark, thanks for the clarifying question: The best way is to actually contact Courtney and she will add your name to the list she is keeping. Email her 2widdershins “at” (Obviously the “at” is our stand-in for the @ sign because we don’t want her to get spammed by internet robots searching our blog).


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