Riding the Blue Marble, new book available

Riding the Blue Marble
by Dave Wasserman


The book is an illustrated meditation on faith, science and hope and it relates to Wasserman’s volunteering around a new resource from NOAA  called Science on a Sphere.  The sphere displays images of earth and its various systems, using data from our satellites and mathematical projections about climate change.  The poem offers a spiritual overlay about creation, fall, and redemption.  Here are a few early reviews (from Presbyterians!) that this book has received. To learn more and order your copy go to https://ridingthebluemarble.blogspot.com.

When I ponder how precarious life is and consider our innate and sustained ability to ignore the perils facing us and all creation, I can grow weary and discouraged.  Riding the Blue Marble gently shakes me back to hope and offers the spiritual practice of seeing ourselves intertwined with the vastness, beauty, and harmony of the Earth and its systems.  May it be a guide to remind us of our common humanity and our responsibility to preserve and heal this wondrous world we share. — The Rev. Dr. Harry Eberts, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Riffing off Folliott Pierpoint’s beloved hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth,” the Rev. Dr. Dave Wasserman’s evocative word-journey draws us into a 21st Century experience of the biblical creation narrative.  As a Presbyterian theologian, Wassermanexplores the “why” of faith and the incomprehensible gift of freedom bestowed by the Divine upon humanity.  As an accomplished sailor, adventurer, and product of modern discovery, he deftly weaves in the “how” of science and the necessity for authentic stewardship.  Worth reading again and again, this holy poem issues a clarion call for us to reclaim our sacred trust as the caretakers of the singular blue jewel we call home. —The Rev. Vicki Fogel Mykles, Presbyterian Church (USA), Fort Collins, Colorado​

As a planetary astronomer for over 50 years, I grew up with the space program.  The opportunities it gave me to view our Earth and the other planets up close has been a lifelong thrill.  That excitement has been renewed as I’ve worked with Science on a Sphere®, where it has been a privilege to work with Dave Wasserman.  With Riding the Blue Marble, he offers us poetic words that describe my belief in the Creation of the Universe and the fragile nature of our Earth. —Dr. Edwin S. Barker, Retired, Research Scientist and Assistant Director of McDonald Observatory (Texas); Optical Lead for NASA’s Orbital Debris Program at NASA/Johnson Space Center,  Santa Fe, New Mexico.



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