Creation Care “bubbles up” at New Life

The Earth Care Congregation Certification is one of the many ways that the Presbyterian Hunger Program seeks to be faithful to our responsibility to care for Creation. The goal of the ECC program is to inspire churches to care for God’s earth in a holistic way, through integrating earth care into all of church life.

New Life Presbyterian Church in Roseville, MN is just one of the 209 ECC churches certified in 2018. After their initial certification nine years ago, New Life decided that they wanted to change their Fellowship Time and meals to be as “green” as possible. This was done in a variety of ways including use of fair trade coffee and locally sourced foods. They also decided to try to follow a 2008 General Assembly resolution which dealt with not using disposable food service products or plastics.

Carole Rust from New Life’s Earth Care Team shared that in order to accomplish that task they knew they’d need lots of willing hands. “We developed a dishwashing team which is called the “Bubble Brigade.” We give people the chance to join the Brigade when the church kicks off activities in the fall & then when we celebrate Earth Day Sunday in the spring. Some dishwashers are regulars and help almost every Sunday while others do special events like pot lucks or funerals. Still others are on call for part-time, special requested duty. Brigade members are a fun bunch that usually work in groups of two and cover the spectrum from an expectant mom-to-be, young couples, a family with youth, singles, & people in their 70’s!”

Last Earth Day Sunday the New Life recognized all the members of the Bubble Brigade and even gave out a bottle of bubble blowing solution to the two most faithful members.

The “Bubble Brigade” is not only  a simple way to help with Creation Care but it gives people a chance to provide a meaningful gift of service to support their church community.

Prayer: Creator God, may we be ever mindful of all the ways you’ve called us to be good stewards of this marvelous Earth. May you make our hearts and hands be ever willing to set to tasks great and small to serve your Creation.    

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