Advent blessings and Year-End Invitation

We appreciate all that you do–planting seeds and getting your hands messy– in your life, home, school, workplace, church, and community, as you care about justice for all people and all creation. We do this with our prayers, learning, action and advocacy, and also with our financial support.

Because we are honored and humbled to be able to work for eco-justice as part of working on root causes of hunger and poverty, we invite you to join us with your financial giving and/or helping to invite others to do so.

  • Could you (if you are on facebook) share the PHP posts we are making, asking people to consider giving year-end gifts to PHP? (Or, make up your own and invite others to share it!) 
  • Could you, if people in your church or family or community are open to it/asking for it, suggest PHP as an “alternative” gift for the holidays (rather than giving one another more stuff we don’t need)? Here’s some language we recently posted on facebook: Most of us don’t need more “stuff”—instead we need more meaning, and to know that our lives improve the lives of others. Give yourself or another person a gift that keeps giving this holiday season—Hunger program funds go to provide long-term, sustainable, development assistance to communities in need, at home and around the world.
  • Could you give a financial gift to PHP in general (H999999) or another Hunger fund, if you’ve not given before?

You know how great is the need right now, and how much we want to be able to continue to meet it with our national and international eco-justice, hunger and poverty work. The more we can make sure opportunities for giving to PHP are widespread and available, the better for our continued ability to keep up the ministries we all care so deeply about.

Thank you again for all you do, with us and in the world.


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