Earth Care Congregations celebrating Earth Day 2016: First Presbyterian Church of Henderson (TX)

In a variety of ways, all across the country, Presbyterians celebrated Earth Day. In small and large congregations, in community celebrations or in church worship, certified Earth Care Congregations used the opportunity of Earth Day as a way to care for God’s good creation. Here are four snapshots, sharing one a day over the next few days:

FPC Henderson TX prayers for God's creation

FPC Henderson TX prayers for God’s creation

First Presbyterian Church-Henderson, A Designated “Green Congregation” Holds Service to Honor & Recognize Earth Day

HENDERSON, TX- Earth Day, April 22 — the day globally set aside since 1970 to acknowledge environmental issues and to think about our individual impact on Mother Earth and our overall environment! To acknowledge this day, is to take time to think about your individual contribution to preserving the Earth – whether it be you recycle aluminum cans, newspapers, and glass or use paper rather than plastic or carry your own reusable grocery bags, drink one (plastic) bottle of water and refill it or use a refillable bottle; whether you toss trash out of your car or wait and dispose of it properly in a trash bin.

Care for creation is one of the Tenets of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Taking care of our Earth is part of our faith fiber. That is why on Friday, April 22 the official Earth Day, members of our church along with friends, family and other citizens joined world leaders and other people of faith around the globe who gathered at noon, local time, to share a moment of pause and prayer for the environmental and climate healing of our Earth.

First Presbyterian Church of Henderson became an officially recognized and certificated “Green Congregation” in 2015 and was re-certified this year. This year, as every year, we ask our fellow citizens to remember to be gentle with and to our Earth –she is the only one we have!

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