Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday!

Celebrate a sustainable Palm Sunday! More than 300 million palm fronds are harvested each year for U.S. consumption alone — most of them for Palm Sunday. Whereas traditional palms may harm forests and not support local workers, when you order Eco-Palms you are protecting forests, local jobs, and sustainable livelihoods in the harvesting communities.


In 2015, 995 PC(USA) congregations purchased Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday. 2015 orders totaled more than 183,640 palm fronds purchased by Presbyterians. Altogether 4216 U.S. congregations ordered Eco-Palms in 2015, ensuring that over 965,840 palm fronds were harvested sustainably this season. In 2016, we would love to hit the 1,000 order mark for Presbyterians and the 1 Million fronds ordered across all denominations that participate in the Eco-Palms project.
One congregation shared their experience with the Eco-Palms by saying  “In working towards the goal of becoming better stewards of the creation that God has entrusted to our care our congregation made an intentional effort to “do no harm” to the environment by purchasing Eco-Palms for our Palm Sunday and Holy Week observances.   We hope that all congregations will consider this small, local action with global, environmental consequences.”


Click here to learn more or order your eco-palms.


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