A few articles leading up to Paris COP 21

As Gary, Bill and I prepare to be part of the observers at the Paris COP 21, we have done a lot of reading, thinking, and preparing.


Here are some things you might find interesting:


Front page news article on PC(USA) delegation and others from Kentucky, as KY Senators are part of blocking climate justice


Presbyterian News Services article on the PC(USA) delegation to COP21


Gary Payton had a radio interview and you can listen to the MP3 file here.


Testimony of a Marshallese poet whose islands will be underwater if we settle even for a 2 degree increase “Even in a room full of brilliant organizers, I heard 2 degrees thrown around like it was the priority, like the science that has clearly stated that 1.5 would mean the end of all atoll nations meant nothing…. ‘But don’t you see that you’re gambling with our islands?’”




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