Articles on Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the Environment

Great thanks to the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale, pulling together a long and helpful list of articles about Pope Francis’ encyclical!


You can read the encyclical on the Vatican site:

There are a number of resources on the Forum site ( to provide you more information on the encyclical, including “Frequently Asked Questions on the Papal Encyclical,” a video recording and transcript of the Yale panel discussion entitled “Pope Francis and the Environment: Why His New Climate Encyclical Matters,” and news articles that address the encyclical.

On June 18, the Vatican officially released the encyclical — a letter sent by the Pope that is addressed to the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics. The Pope also extended this call to action to all people around the world. This is a crucial moment in the religion and ecology movement, as this is the first encyclical in the history of the Church to address environmental concerns. In the encyclical, Pope Francis declared climate change and environmental protection as related moral, social, and ecological issues. This teaching document could serve as a motivating force for the over one billion Catholics of the world and many other people of spiritual and environmental conviction. The encyclical will undoubtedly bring much needed global attention and focus to these issues.

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