Papal Encyclical Released Next Thursday

Next Thursday, June 18, Pope Francis will release his papal encyclical on the environment. While no one knows the precise content of the encyclical until it is released, it is anticipated that it will include messages consistent with the moral mandate to care for God’s creation and the understanding that poverty, hunger and environmental degradation are interlocking issues that invoke our faithful action. It is also anticipated that he will speak clearly on the ethical responsibility to act in the face of climate change.


Presbyterians General Assemblies have passed many environmental resolutions and statements on caring for God’s creation, acting on everything from water and land use to energy and climate change. Congregations, church institutions, and individual Presbyterians are committed to earth care as part of daily discipleship and embrace any opportunity to learn and to grow in faith.


We are grateful for Pope Francis’ leadership and wisdom and look forward to the release of the encyclical, knowing it will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the faith community to speak pastorally, and prophetically, on the moral basis for environmental and climate justice.


Click here to explore ways you can learn, act, and connect on climate justice.


Meanwhile, be prepared to start seeing Twitter, Facebook, and all kinds of media outlets talking about faith and the environment, and join the conversation!


Other organizations to watch for helpful resources around the papal encyclical are National Religious Partnership for the Environment, Creation Justice Ministries (formerly the National Council of Churches’ Eco-Justice Program), GreenFaith and Interfaith Power and Light.





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