Presbyterian Energy Tithe Challenge!

In April, dedicated Presbyterians from KS and AL came together to present a webinar on a new “Presbyterian Energy Tithe Challenge.”


Changing lightbulbs for energy efficiency


What would your church do with the saved $ from reducing your utility bills by 10%? Most congregations can easily get to a 10% reduction in energy use, which is great for God’s creation AND great for your church budget.


earth care team at Montevallo PC, teaching


If you missed the webinar, you can find the April 2015 webinar at the PHP Webinar page, and all the links: to the webinar itself, as well as to each of the congregations’ powerpoints and to the overarching Presbyterian Energy Tithe Challenge powerpoint! Download and use any of the powerpoints, sharing with your Earth Care team, church session, or anyone interested.


In the meantime, if you want to take the challenge: sign up for the free, helpful EPA EnergyStar Portfolio Manager tool (contact us if you need help!) and let us know you’re doing it. It will help you to track where you are now with energy use and to see a radical difference as you track changes in utility bills after taking some easy energy efficiency steps.


Grace Covenant Adopt-A-Light project



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