Presbyterians Learning in Lima!

Presbyterian Hunger Program, Joining Hands and Environmental Ministries action-reflection trip to Lima

Our trip has begun! Presbyterians from across the USA have come together to journey with our sisters and brothers in our Joining Hands network in Lima, Peru, to learn from them about their realities related to climate change, extractive industries, and root causes of hunger, poverty, and environmental destruction. On the edges of the United Nations’ climate talks (COP 20), we will participate in civil society, learn from local church pastors and community leaders, and see sites of socio-environmental challenge.


So far, though, we have gathered and been greeted, took a nice morning walk to see the ocean and some neighborhoods close to where we’re staying, and been introduced to some basic concerns, challenges, and work of our partners here on the ground. Much more to come!


 Nelson F of Joining Hands



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