Ohio “Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness” Issue Press Release

The below press release has been released by the faith communities involved in Ohio’s “Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness” (FaCT):



CONTACT: Ron Prosek

PHONE NUMBER: 440-974-2035

EMAIL: rprosek.fact@gmail.com


July 8, 2014


Ohio Faith Communities urge Governor Kasich and the Ohio General Assembly to restore Ohio’s Energy Standards that were frozen recently by SB 310


AKRON, OH.  FaCT [Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness] unanimously adopts letter in opposition to recently-enacted SB 310.


At its recent June meeting at First Grace United Church of Christ in Akron, FaCT – Faith Communities Together for Frack Awareness unanimously adopted a letter to Governor John Kasich and to the members of the Ohio General Assembly urging them to restore Ohio’s renewable energy standards that were frozen by enactment of SB 221 on June 13, 2014.


The inter-faith group, which has been advocating against fracking and for rapid conversion to all-renewables since 2011, pointed out that this is a moral issue and that politics as usual should be set aside for the sake of the general health, safety, and welfare of Ohioans of today and for the generations to follow.


Ron Prosek, of East Shore Unitarian Universalist Church in Kirtland, Ohio who is the Convener of FaCT commented, “We are appealing to our lawmakers as fellow citizens and fellow human beings.  They have families just as we do, and I am sure they want the best for their children and grandchildren.  We ask them to search their consciences to reach the right decisions that will protect God’s Creation that sustains us all.”


FaCT, which includes participants from more than 45 Ohio faith communities, reminded legislators in their letter that the General Assembly, in 2008, had adopted the renewable energy and conservation standards with only one dissenting vote (SB 221).  FaCT urged Ohio lawmakers to “do the right thing again” and restore the energy standards that have supported a flourishing renewable energy sector in Ohio and put Ohio on the path to long-term sustainability.




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