Geneva Presbytery’s Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee


In Geneva Presbytery, the JPIC  committee is concerned with social and environmental justice and has been active for many years. JPIC stands for “Justice”, “Peace”, and “The Integrity of Creation.” This committee supports church education, worship, outreach and missions in various ways.


JPIC member Brad McFall explains, “When two or three Presbyterians get together in solidarity for environmental and social justice a committee can easily be formed that effectively influences individual actions but when these committees get together with their counterparts in other faith traditions it seems like, that not only can personal goals be met, but it really seems like a given, that all of society is going to follow.  I have real hope, once again, that after working with many faith groups on climate justice that we will see God’s work fully done in our time.”


This team of representatives from different congregations across the presbytery accomplished many things in 2013. Here are some of their great deeds:


Sweat Free Manufacturing – Sponsored a public event with Latin American speakers on the working conditions of garment manufacturing employees who provide products for the North American market.


Sudan – Helped fund initiatives that actually alleviate hunger in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan where International efforts are lacking.


Peace  Discernment –  Hosted a Presbytery wide Peace discernment process and sent results on to the General Mission Council of the PCUSA.


Earth Care Congregations – Renewed our certification in the PCUSA program and put up a welcoming banner with the Earth Care logo.


Fracking – Participated in local efforts, trips to Albany and co-sponsored an event at Cornell ( )


Education – Sponsored or suggested Adult Education topics included: Fracking- Sara Hess, Race Relations- Dr. Ken Clarke, Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign, Bread for the World, Rhonda Everdyke – International Missions, John Weiss – Sudan, Megan Gregory – Peace Discernment


Worship –  A  joint  2014 “preach in” with First Baptist Church on Climate Justice was planned and approved and an ecumenical four week study  of the subject will precede the event.


Outreach – A-dopt-a -Highway – Clean up of Route 79 continued and included the Youth this year. JPIC maintains First Presbyterian Church’s covenant membership status with Bread for the World.

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