Celebrating the Presbyterian Church in Morristown’s dual certification with GreenFaith and PCUSA Earth Care Congregations!

In 2013, five of our 124 PCUSA Earth Care Congregations are dually certified for their eco-justice ministry through interfaith organization GreenFaith. One of the newly enrolled congregations is the Presbyterian Church in Morristown. This New Jersey congregation will incorporate environmentally friendly building renovations in its major capital campaign as well as to use the GreenFaith program to grow closer to God, neighbors, and the earth. Green Team member Erin Guthrie explains that one of the most exciting pieces of the program is that “we are continuing our strong relationship with the Bethel AME church down the road and both of us are going through the program together. We attend each other’s meetings and collaborate of joint activities as much as possible.” In this and other ways, the Presbyterian Church in Morristown will carry out earth care ministry at all levels of the church and seeks to be a religious-environmental leader in their community.

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