Crosslake Presbyterian Does Renewable Power and Energy Efficiency

A recently installed array of solar panels on the roof of Crosslake Presbyterian Church in north central Minnesota generates electricity when the sun shines. (Crosslake MN enjoys as many hours of sunlight annually as Houston, TX ! )


Click here for access to a real time report of electrical production.


This is the latest of five efforts by Crosslake Church to be good stewards of God’s creation.  Collectively dubbed “The New Noah Project”, Crosslake’s five efforts are—

—Photovoltaic electricity generation,

—Geo-thermal heating and air conditioning,

—Purchase of wind generated electricity,

—A highly insulated building with efficient lighting

—Ten acres of forest sequestering carbon and replenishing oxygen


Crossroads Presbyterian Church solar panels

Crosslake Presbtyerian Church with solar panels


Crosslake has done a study of the ecological and economic impact of all five efforts. For a copy of the full report contact the chair of Crosslake’s Energy task force at



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