Food Stamp Challenge: Hunger and Poverty, in God’s Creation

Environmental Ministries is part of the Presbyterian Hunger Program. Environmental degradation increases hunger and poverty and diminishes natural resources that can alleviate both hunger and poverty. Meanwhile those who are poor face the worst affects of environmental disasters such as mudslides, earthquakes, and heavy storms (much of which is related to climate instability). Also, those who live with limited resources often cannot care for their environment in the way they would ideally like to.


Nov 17th, Environmental Ministries and Presbyterian Hunger Program invite you to join the Food Stamp Challenge, to understand what is at stake as national policies decide how much food stamps may be cut and what the effects may be. Food, food production, food choices, access to food, hunger and poverty are all concerns when we talk about caring for God’s creation. Will you join us?


SNAP Food Stamp Challenge 


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