McGregor Presbyterian Church: Learning Garden

McGregor Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, in its third year of being a certified Earth Care Congregation, has an ongoing Green Group bulletin board, hosts adult studies and children’s classes on creation care, recycles all kinds of goods and reuses tablecloths and dishes for church meals. they also have fair trade coffee, take care of an Adopt-A-Highway portion of road, use Eco-Palms, and incorporate God’s creation into worship service throughout the church year.


A new, exciting project of McGregor Presbyterian Church is its  “learning garden,” which has excited all ages at this congregation and had good response from the surrounding community as well.  Here are some photos of the development of this learning garden, from the McGregor Learning Garden facebook page!



McGregor Learinng Garden church sign

Communicating with the community


McGregor Learning Garden cleared bed

The McGregor Learning Garden, with new plants and the clay Olla for underground irrigation


McGregor Learning Garden adding to the soil to prepare for planting

adding water and soil additives, once getting soil samples back


McGregor Learning garden kids eating veggies

Children enjoying fresh green beans from the Learning Garden

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