First Presbyterian (Oak Ridge, TN) cares for God’s creation

First Presbyterian Church (Oak Ridge, TN) cares about God’s creation and acts to show it in a variety of ways. In their worship life, educational offerings, outreach activities, and in their buildings and grounds, this congregation operates with an earth care ethic as part of their Christian discipleship.



Photo from: Young family of active environmentalists are excited to see their church caring for God’s creation, especially as they think about the future for their infant.


From hosting a potluck of foods made with local ingredients to inviting a nationally-recognized climate change speaker to their community, this congregation believes that caring for the world around them is part and parcel of living out their faith. To read more about this church’s commitments, and why climate change is a matter of justice, caring for our children, and being in solidarity with those around the world, go to the full story at First Presbyterian Church is one of the 120 Earth Care Congregations now currently certified in the Presbyterian Church USA.


Bill McKibben signing a book with Wil Howie looking on

Photo from: Eaarth author Bill McKibben signs a copy of his book for expectant mother Adrienne Schwartz, while retired minister Wil Howie, founder of Living Waters for the World, looks on.

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