United Church of Christ Divests from Fossil Fuels

What does God’s earth look like?  Who are we called to be?


The United Church of Christ gathered at it’s national gather in Long Beach, California to come up with strategies on how to deal with climate change. The UCC came up with the strategy to divest from fossil fuel companies. This resolution has made the United Church of Christ (UCC) the first major religious denomination to divest!


The resolution states: “The realities of climate change require prophetic and strategic action by people of faith seeking to be faithful to the everlasting covenant God has made with us, with every living create and with all future generations. If fossil fuel companies simply fulfill their purpose, the earth will become inhospitable to life as we know it.”


Rev. Jim Antal, conference minister of the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC and a proponent of the resolution, in an interview with Mother Nature Network said, “Today, the UCC added another ‘first’ when it became the first national faith communion to vote to divest from fossil fuel companies – and to do it with the support of its major investment institution, United Church Funds.”


“This resolution calls on each and all of us to make difficult changes to the way we live each day of our lives,” said Donald Hart, United Church Funds president. “Implementing the multiple strategies outlined in this resolution will demand time, money and care — but we believe creation deserves no less.”


For more information on the United Church of Christ’s divestment from fossil fuels:






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